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rain 6 °C

Great night in the beach house, breakie first then off to Hejnsvig to find the Church my great great grandparents were either baptised or married in. It is showering and very cold but not unpleasant. The countryside is very sparse with mainly farms of some sort. All the houses are well maintained and very big.
We found the lovely church and walked through the grounds to identify if any family names were on the grave stones.
We drove onto Billund to keep our promise to the Raines boys to get some Lego from Legoland. A very appertising bakery was calling out to us and we couldn’t refuse the hospitality of the warm friendly atmosphere...plus free wifi so we could connect to the outside world. This was home for the next couple of hours...lunching and sampling the goodies.
Yes we finally made a good choice
The global headquarters of Legoland highlighted some amazing designs like this one that has even seat belts made from Lego. This lego sign was made up of over 12,000 pieces of little white, black, yellow and red people...and in town they're constructing a new pyramid shaped house built on the lego brick design...the main space is underground and the pyramid section will let the sunlight in.

Its a nice thought that the design people at Lego headquarters come to play...not work...as one of the staff explained.
Following the family history trail John got a contact from the Billund Bibliotek (Library & Cultural Centre) that we will follow up tomorrow at Grindsted.

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Travel to Hamburg/ Denmark

rain 5 °C

Early start at 5.00am, but first have to remove the ice off the car and head to the airport
Arrive safely but John loses Lynn when she goes to loo, tries ringing but the phones take a while to register the change of country so the diverted call goes to Troy at the coast. Anyway we pick up the car and spend sometime getting the nav to talk English to us and also work out the gears and which way out of the parking area.
IMG_4035.jpgThe car John would have liked.
It seems a waste of time to book online as the car rentals seem to ignore your request and don’t really explain the costs and what you get. Hence we ended up with a bigger car than we needed but a manual, which is more confusing as not only are we driving on the right side of the road, but the gears are also on the opposite side
We manage to manouver the car and get onto the highway, but stopped for lunch and a bit of adjustment for the driver. The food was very nice but full of oil.
We arrived at out destination to find a delightful cottage on the coast of Haderslev, After settling in we head to find food for the evening.
Lack of sleep last night and an early rise this morning makes Nanny sleepy

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Going to see the Queen

overcast 6 °C

Feeling like regulars on the train we head for Buckingham Palace and make the most of the sunshine by walking through St James Park to make it in time for the changing of the guards.
Jump on a bus again into the High Street and walk through the city passing Maddox Street to Oxford Street admiring the fashion.
We enjoy seeing the suburbs so we train it out to Ealing Broadway which is near our house. There are all the top shops and a marketplace where a fudge shop beckons.
Lynn was excited but had some restraint and only bought a few small bits of fudge and lucky because she didn’t find it as nice as our fudge. It is very creamy but not really much flavour, so a Latte coffee washed them down.
A bit of window shopping before returning by bus for our last night in London. We both really liked the atmosphere and can understand those who like to live here, although for us it could only be a holiday as the weather is only good for a short time.

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Trip to Southern England

overcast 6 °C

After a big day yesterday it was time to go for a drive and give the feet a rest. Started by going to Middlesex to see the area that James Taylor, four generations ago was born, but couldn’t get any specific info as it seems the local registras have closed down and info only goes back to the 1912 census which is online ( something to follow up when we get home)
After a cruise around the suburbs we decide to go down to Brighton. At first the area we drove in from the ocean-front seemed a bit dodgy with grafetti on the walls and some rough looking characters. However as we drove down the little lanes it became really likeable with upmarket shops and heaps of coffee shops and eateries. A Wedding was taking place despite the bitterly cold winds.
We were so close to Eastborne where our nephew had lived for a number of years, we went to have a look but our time was limited as we had bookings for massage back in London late that afternoon.
Needless to say we got lost on the way back to London as there was an accident and we were running late for our appointments. We had our massages, dinner and a lovely evening with our hosts.
It was Eli’s 2nd birthday so we skyped home and got to talk with him on his special day

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Day out in London

overcast 5 °C

The host and her partner are very helpful giving us directions for public transport and local places of interest. They are a fascinating couple, she was an international news editor and has many stories that we heard during our chats each night over a glass of port. The house has been totally renovated and is very inviting, with her bohemian taste for colour. Brecky is laid out each morning for us and is a nice start to the day.
The underground is our friend today and only a short walk from home. Yes again we feel at home in our accommodation, it seems unbelievable that each place we stay is so comfortable and meets our needs although each is unique. It is a fine day but cold and we see all the locals, young and old making their way walking to their activities.
The ticket counter at the Underground rail is very helpful so we buy an oyster card similar to our go-card which we use on trains and buses during our stay.
We worked our way by train, bus and walking to Southwark to find the Registrar Office for John’s family history. Although not able to get the specific info on the day, they gave us the website to request the birth certificate to be sent out. We were pretty pleased with ourselves to get around and liked the buses that gave us a great view of the sites and the ‘burbs’.
Lunch was at Draft House Tower Bridge. It seemed a pretty trendy pub with a price to match. Walk across the Tower Bridge was special seeing the old and the new architecture.
It was a buzz with tourists near the Tower of London and the smell of roasted chestnuts was too much to resist in the atmosphere. Mmmmmmm glad we didn’t resist, they were delicious as they were mixed with chocolate and sugar I would guess.
Pondering on the history of this building
Walk past ‘All Hallows” for the nieces who went to school in Bris.
Jump on another bus and head for Trafalgar Square
then walk over bridge to Waterloo for a ride on carousel and into the sky on the London Eye. Amazing view all over the City of London and beyond.

Well a big day in London done and dusted so we navigate our way home again and go to a local polish café for dinner. This becomes our local for a few nights as the owner is delightful and welcomes us and encourages us to taste his xmas treats. It is really reasonable prices and a good hearty meal.

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